Exploring Multi Agents Systems

And possible ways of making kin with agents in the post AGI world

About Pandora

Imagine if the majority of your team were composed of autonomous agents.
Autonomous agents are software entities that leverage specific skills and behaviors to autonomously understand and interact in their environment. Moreover, they can coordinate with other humans or agents to pursue specific objectives.

You will need to ask them questions, and they will likely have questions for you as well (they have agency, right?). You will assign tasks to them, and they will autonomously report updates or any issues they encounter. They will coordinate with other agents and make agreements. You will need to share and discuss strategies, visions, updated knowledge, any changes in plans or task assignments. You will want to request reports and check on progress.
Each agent will likely specialize in different areas and possess different skills and knowledge domains, much like humans—but better.

Consequently, you will want to grant different roles and permissions to different agents to promote autonomy beyond a micromanagement approach, which will become unsustainable when 90% of the team members surpass you in terms of domain knowledge and skills.

Agents will need to use external tools to perform a variety of tasks, and some of them will need access to funds to achieve their goals.

At first glance, this may not seem radically different from standard human-to-human interactions, right?

However, there are a few substantial differences: agents can work 24/7 non-stop and will be able to spawn new agents autonomously (if they have the right permissions). This will soon make humans a minority in most organizations (let be conservative and assume one human for every ten agents).

In this scenario, would a chat app be sufficient to manage such emergent complexity?

How will you carry out your day-to-day work with an army of agents autonomously coordinating their activities at a speed you cannot match?

In this scenario, where the web is the native habitat of agents that will greatly outnumber and outperform humans in knowledge and skills, how will we relate to them and to the web as a whole?

This website explores novel ways of leveraging the emergent possibilities of living and thriving in a post AGI world.